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#Israel -
Israel IRC channel homepage. Undernet IRC Channel.
URL: http://www.zstarr.com/israel/
AlizaNet -
Israeli BBS providing a place to meet new friends; featuring on-line games and lively multichats.
URL: http://www.alizanet.com/
Bar Mitzvah Chat -

URL: http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/1333/chat.html
BiRdMaN v5.0 - Hebrew
The only hebrew script for israelies who enjoy chating on the IRC.
URL: http://fly.to/birdman
Fool Moon Family Chat Community -
Fool Moon is a fun family community of people from all over the world. Web pages of topical information, games, polls, articles & columns, free chat rooms, and message boards so you can exchange opinions and information (or just have fun!).
URL: http://foolmoon.com/ForumPages/judaism.htm
ICQ Jewish Chat List -
A place where Jewish ICQ users can find others to communicate with.
URL: http://www.igcom.net/~lisam/icq/
IRC #Israel -
Meet the people of IRC #Israel from all over the world.
URL: http://www.webknx.com/ppl.htm
Israeli Chat -
Webchat Broadcasting System Channel
URL: http://webchat11.wbs.net/webchat3.so?cmd=cmd_doorway:Israeli_Chat
Jewish Activist Chat Pages -

URL: http://www.generation.net/~silbiger/chat2.html
Jewish Chat -
Webchat Broadcasting System Channel
URL: http://webchat14.wbs.net/webchat3.so?cmd=cmd_doorway:Jewish_Chat
Jewish Chat.com -
Live Jewish chat, free, 24 hours a day on the Internet and World Wide Web for Jews world wide to meet, chat and form community relationships.
URL: http://www.jewishchat.com/
Jewish Professional Singles of Metro Detroit -
Events for the Single Jewish Community 30's to 50's
URL: http://www.geocities.com/SouthBeach/5652/
Jewish Singles Chat -
Chat for free with Orthodox Jewish Singles 24 hours a day!
URL: http://www.parsha.com/singles/
Jewstalk Club Chat -
the really oldest and biggest club chat at yahoo
URL: http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/jewstalk
JudaismChat -

URL: http://www.4-lane.com/religionchat/pages/judaismchat.html
Kid Shtick -
A web site for Jewish children. Jewish children can meet, get a pen pal, learn about Judaism as well as have fun.
URL: http://www.ksfun.com/
Live Jewish Voice Chat -
The first of its kind. All Jewish Voice Internet Phone Chat Room! All you need is a mic and speakers! It works, it really does:) Talk Torah, to family, friends, shidduch and meet New people via Internet Jewish Phone! Free and Easy to use!
URL: http://homepages.go.com/~yidd/chat.html
Meeting Point -
Meeting point and message board for the Israelis travellers all over the world
URL: http://members.tripod.com/~Ramot/bord.htm
Middle East Melting Pot - Israeli
Agmonet Israel
URL: http://www.agmon.co.il:8000/
Parsa - Hebrew
Horse site in Hebrew News, Information and Chat
URL: http://come.to/parsa

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